OneHandyPro's mission is to provide quality and prompt services by using standard and common practice procedures to resolve problems and maintenance related issues encountered by business owners, facility managers and homeowners at any given time during the lifecycle of a structure and its related support systems and subsystems that make a space inhabitable and to help our commercial clients stay in business and our residential customers stay comfortable.

We maintain our focus in providing those services in a way that helps our clients remain profitable and compliant while keeping our business sustainable and repeatable. At all times we do strive to keep our client's costs to an affordable level without cutting corners on quality and level of service and we do so by offering alternative solutions to pressing demands when available, and by negotiating a price point that satisfies both quality requirements and budget restrictions so long that we can continue to operate a profitable business model.

Our main purpose is to achieve repeated business as a result of quality work and delivered experience. We believe value is a formula that includes not only an actual cost but also quality work and a sound relationship with our clients.